EPISTAXIS (nosebleed) Treatment

Nose bleeding (epistaxis) is a common medical condition that can occasionally become serious when it continues despite normal conservative medical treatments.

When conservative maneuvers such as anterior and posterior packing of the nasal cavity are unsuccessful at controlling the bleeding, interruption of the blood supply to the sinonasal area can be performed, either by surgical ligation or by endovascular embolization. The transarterial endovascular procedure involves diagnostic angiography followed by the injection of small particles through a microcatheter into tiny arteries that supply blood flow to the back of the nose. Meticulous attention is paid to the collateral pathways between the extra-cranial, orbital, and intra-cranial circulation in order to ensure that the particles only lodge in the arteries that are causing the nosebleed.

Nosebleed Treatment

Nosebleed before and after embolization


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