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Why Choose X-Ray Medical Group?

  1. XMG has been providing imaging services to East County for more than 60 years and is committed to providing accurate, state of the art imaging services in East County and the surrounding areas.
  2. Our radiologists are experienced and fellowship trained in neuroradiology, interventional radiology, body imaging, woman’s imaging, musculoskeletal and ultrasound. (See the physician profiles for more details).
  3. Our partnership with Grossmont Hospital broadens our scope of care and enables us to provide comprehensive services for both emergent and routine cases.
  4. We offer a full range of outpatient imaging services including x-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), mammography and ultrasound.
  5. Our services are provided at multiple, convenient locations in East County including Grossmont Imaging Fletcher Parkway and Grossmont Imaging Center Drive, Grossmont Hospital, Brier Patch Campus and Grossmont Outpatient Imaging.
  6. Scheduling for Grossmont Imaging is centralized which allows us to schedule patients at the earliest possible time and in the most appropriate and convenient location. We hold slots for add-on emergency cases daily.
  7. Our reports are generated promptly, within one day and frequently within 3-4 hours and are immediately faxed to the referring physician.
  8. We have a Woman's Imaging Center at our Fletcher Parkway office where comprehensive breast imaging is provided. We perform over 12,000 annual mammograms, and also provide breast ultrasound, breast MRI, ductography, and stereotactic biopsies at this site. We also offer complete abdomen, pelvis, and obstetrical ultrasound and MRI at this site.
  9. Grossmont Imaging Fletcher Parkway parking is easy and free of charge.
  10. Patient satisfaction is our highest priority and we strive to make the imaging experience as hassle and stress free as possible.
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